Peter Streijffert


Peter Streijffert

Peter Streijffert is the grower, author and chef who loves to discover flavors and see how they best fit together. He is an environmental fighter from Umeå who uses his bicycle as his main transportation. Therefore, it can be quite challenging when it comes to transporting soil and plants, but thats not something that would stop him.   Another way Peter shows his commitment to the environment, is that Peter grows most of his food at home, even though he lives in Stockholm. Since many would like to grow on their own, but don't have the knowledge on how, Peter has written a number of books on the subject and regularly gives lectures. Sharing his knowledge is something Peter loves to do!   In addition to this, Peter is one of Skillbreak's most popular experts and has workshops in everything from wine tasting to the new composting trend Bokashi. Peter's relaxed, yet adventurous approach to life is something that many are inspired by; maybe that is one reason his workshops are appreciated by so many.

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Reviews from participants



Kunnig lättsam och rolig. Fick oss att väcka ett intresse att lära oss mer om smaker och vin. Kan rekommenderas





Personlig, kunnig, rolig och intressant vinprovning/kurs! Rekommenderas!



Vi tyckte workshopen var väldigt intressant, roligt, otroligt lärorikt och förenklade hela processen med bokashi! Rekommenderar starkt till andra i vår omgivning!

Peter has written several books and is a two-time winner of the award "Cookbook of the Year" in the category "Food and drink in combination" by Måltidsakademin.


Bakom smakbalans finns peter streijffert - kocken, odlaren och vinexperten som älskar att upptäcka smaker och se hur de bäst passar ihop. han är en miljökämpe som själv odlar det mesta av sin egen mat och gärna berättar om sina knep. förutom kurser inom vin, mat och odling så skriver peter böcker och håller föreläsningar.