Organize with your heart - KonMari lecture

Organize with your heart - KonMari lecture

Sweden's fourth certified KonMari consultant gives the inspirational lecture "Organize with the heart®" Living in chaos can create enormous stress. Your brain is fed with impressions that can be difficult to sort and you find it difficult to find things when they do not have a given place. When you live in a home where everything is chosen with the heart and where you placed your belongings so that it creates flow in everyday life, it gives an inner peace and increased joy. You make time your friend and it becomes easier to take care of your home so that your home can take care of you. Organizing with your heart can also have unexpected effects in other parts of your life. You become more confident in your choices, your relationships can be improved and your view of consumption changes. During the workshop, you will also learn the meditative and whimsical KonMari folding. The lecture ends with time for questions.

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Ulrika Persdotter Dahlberg is an organization coach and certified order consultant within the KonMari method® - trained by Marie Kondo. She is an enthusiastic inspirer, knowledgeable and well-read lecturer, blogger, podcaster, writer, best-selling author and course leader. In her company U Spark Sweden, she guides others to organize their homes and lives with their heart! “When we organize with the heart, we get to know our unique timeless spark, our feeling for who we are deep down. We become confident in our choices, both when we let go and when something new needs to move in ”.

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Organize with your heart - KonMari lecture
Organize with your heart - KonMari lecture

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Vad det innebär att finna sin unika gnista och tidlösa kända för vem du innerst inne är som är grunden för dina val både i hemmet och i livet. - Hur du rent praktiskt går tillväga. Tips för hur du med enkla rutiner kan skapa mer flöde och glädje i vardagen. - Demo av KonMari-vikningen.

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