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Workshops in ceramics

Pottery courses and ceramic courses where you learn how to do turning, hand building and glazing. Take a pottery course for beginners and try your hand at turning and making your own pottery. We also have weekend courses and longer courses in ceramics for those who want to learn more.

In a turning course, the focus is on creating objects on a spinning turntable. In order for you to be able to turn a shape, you will learn to center the clay and the right technique to be able to create, for example, a bowl, plate, mug or vase.

In our ceramics courses, you will have the opportunity to learn several techniques in addition to turning. Common techniques used in hand building are rolling, ringing and thumbing. Each technique has its own techniques that you will have the opportunity to learn and develop during the course. Hand building is a technique that is also used in sculpting. It does not require any major equipment, which means that you can easily continue to develop at home. In a sculpting course, you will learn to develop your design language by, for example, depicting an object or person in clay.

If you are interested in learning more about glazing, you can choose one of our glazing courses. There you also get the opportunity to complete your objects through firing and glazing.

Take a ceramics course or turning course through Skillbreak and learn to turn and create ceramic objects with some of Sweden's leading ceramicists.

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