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In a course in weaving, you can learn to weave your own ribbons, carpets, fabrics and plaids. Weaving for beginners is all about learning the basic techniques and you often get to create your first weave on a mini loom or ribbon gate. You will learn how to set up your weave, assemble and finish so you can continue on your own. Once you learn the basics, you can weave almost anything.

Weaving on a loom requires larger surfaces given the size of the loom, but with knowledge and access to a loom, you can create large things such as carpets, fabrics and clothing. In a course in weaving on a loom, you will learn how to set up a loom in a larger format. Warping, setting, drawing on and solving are some concepts and techniques in weaving that are required for you to be able to weave on a loom independently. In some of our courses, the preparatory work is already done and you can concentrate on the actual weaving and creation.

Tray weaving is a very old, but simple, technique where, with the help of yarn, trays with holes and a small shuttle, you can weave ribbons like those that adorn our national costumes. In a course in tile weaving, you get the chance to learn a very old technique that few people master today.

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