Creative writing and rap

Say goodbye to your comfort zone! We’ll stretch it beyond what you thought was possible. In this unusual class you get to be bold and creative without limits and boundaries. Through our rap workshops, we help you find your attitude, your creative expression and the courage to challenge yourself - you may even start to rap! In a safe and motivating environment, we go through all the cornerstones of the genre, and through creative writing and rapping exercises we’ll guide you to lift your own story and identity and the issues that you care about. We start from where you are today and “peppar järnet”! You do not need to have any prior knowledge - either in writing, music, or rap. No matter what, you are welcome. Feeling curious but not convinced? Are you thinking ’I can’t do that?' Perfect, sign up and join us! You won’t regret it.

Skillbreak creator

Sofia Lindman

Sofia Lindman
Since 2017

Sofia Lindman was never comfortable in a classroom, but when turning into an entrepreneur at young age, she knew she had found her place. She realized she didn't have to care about other people's comfort zones anymore. By pushing the boundaries and challenge the structures she is striving for what she believes in. It resulted in a business called GeniusRAP - rap choirs for girls. She was elected Finalist of Sweden’s youth entrepreneur 2015 and the winner of Make Equal 2015.

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120 minutes

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Hornstull, Stockholm, Sweden

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No previous experience or talent needed.

You'll learn

Find your attitude, your creative expression and the courage to challenge yourself. - Tools to express your story and the things you care about. - Leave your comfort zone behind

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Safety measures

Keep a safe physical distance between yourself and other people. When you meet your host(s) and other guests, don't shake hands or hug – try a no-contact greeting instead.

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All workshops can be cancelled up to 5 days before start day. With regards to Covid-19, we are allowing rebooking up to 48h before the workshop starts. Read more