"Ikebana" - Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement

Ikebana, which means “Giving life to a cut flower,” is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. It's history dates back to the 6th century and its cultural impact on Japan is not to be underestimated. The focus of Ikebana, is, maybe surprising, actually somewhat similar to some Swedish and Scandinavian design, as it's emphasizing minimalism, shape, line, and form. Perhaps quite contrary to the common conception of Japanese art, design, and culture. As in true Ikebana tradition, the workshop will focus just as much on meditation and finding a contemplative state of mind as on crafting. All while sipping the traditional Matcha Tea. The workshop, led by sensei Youco Harada, will be an introduction to the Ikebana artform and its cultural heritage.

Skillbreak creator

Youco Harada

Youco Harada
Since 2018

Youco was born in Japan. She lived abroad for half of her life, mainly NYC , London, Amsterdam, China. Youco moved to Stockholm in a year ago. She was fashion designer worked in NYC for long time and turned to packaging, homeware product designer. She started with Ikebana design, deriving from her originial roots spiced up with her design background.

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Bondegatan 21A, Stockholm, Sweden

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style and design - sustainability - meditation

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