With the Skillbreak platform you can easily showcase and share your skills with people who want to learn what you already master. They learn, you earn.

Who can host?

Right now we are looking for talented creative experts and passionate professionals in the areas of design, cooking, business, creative arts, photography and music. We’ll be adding more categories as we grow. As of now, most Skillbreaks are Stockholm based. You know someone who would be perfect? Drop us a line at [email protected]

The benefits of hosting a Skillbreak

Share your skills with appreciative students, earn a living on your passion and spend more time doing what you love.

Promote your brand and engage your audience.

Meet three of our experts

“The Skillbreak platform allows me to combine my day job with my hobby, and sharing my passion with others is a long-time dream come true.”

Anna, Interior architect and adventure photographer.

“I teach because it gives me so much joy. It’s the best feeling when my students overcome their barriers of fault and fear and start create freely, every piece we make is special because of it.”

Brabro, teacher in textile crafts and now a professional ceramic artist.

“I want to empower my students to use their full capacity of voice, body and mind. It’s fantastic to experience the transformation when they dare to fill the room with their voice.”

Tora, opera singer and vocal teacher

It's easy to get started


You choose when to host your workshops. Pick times and dates that works for you.


Earn money off your knowledge or passion. How much is up to you. Set a price that fits your needs.


Create a beautiful listing and manage it with ease. Add new dates on the fly. Collect payments without hassle. Contact us anytime.

Want to become an expert? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected]