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With the Skillbreak platform you can easily earn money on your skills. Share your skills with people who want to learn what you already master. They learn, you earn.

Who can host?

Right now we are looking for talented creative experts and passionate professionals in the areas of Design & DIY, Ceramics & Crafts, Arts & Photo, Cooking & Baking, Nature & Cultivation and Beauty & Lifestyle in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We’ll be adding more categories and cities as we grow. Is it you or someone you know?


The benefits of offering a Skillbreak

Earn money on your skills
Get advice on how to build an attractive workshop
Build your brand and get more followers
Skillbreak expert community (meet-ups and other benefits).
We make admin and payments easy for you
Spend more time doing what you love

"The Skillbreak platform allows me to combine my day job with my hobby, and sharing my passion with others makes me proud."

Anna, Adventure photographer

"I teach because it gives me so much joy. It’s the best feeling when my students overcome their barriers of fault and fear."

Brabro, Ceramic artist

"I want to empower my students to use their full capacity of voice, body and mind. It's amazing to see that transformation."

Tora, Opera singer and vocal teacher

Get started easily


Apply via the form on this page. We will review your application and decide if your workshop is good fit for Skillbreak at this stage. You will hear from us within one week.


When your application is approved you can create a pretty page with our simple tools. You decide the price and number of participants.


We will review your propsed workshop and get back to you within a week. Once your workshop is approved by us, you can publish dates and start earning money from your skills.

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