A skillbreak is a bite-sized, hands-on and social learning experience. All Skilbreaks have a concrete learning outcome and are taught by interesting and creative experts in small groups of likeminded learners.
We’re showcasing the best in creative arts, life hacks, music, design, photography and culinary activities in Stockholm. We’re adding new classes, courses and workshops every week, so check the site regularly to see what’s new.
You’ll get an email confirming your booking immediately after you pay. You can also access details of your bookings in your account. The service is free to use, but for every booking we charge a service fee (5% or less) to cover costs of running the platform and processing payments. The exact amount of the service fee can be viewed in the checkout and in your booking confirmation email.
Signing up to Skillbreak allows you to get notifications about upcoming workshops, easily book new skillbreaks, and (if you want) we can keep you up to date with news and offers.
We understand that things come up sometimes... no worries. All workshops can be cancelled and refunded in full 5 days prior to the workshop, although the service fee is non-refundable. Alternatively, you may give your place to someone else, if so, please let us know the name and email of your friend by emailing bookings[@]skillbreak. Just make sure they are signed up to Skillbreak too. Full details of our Cancellation Policy here.
Nope. We use Stripe for payments and we don’t save your card details.
This is unlikely, but we will inform you by email and refund you if there is no suitable alternative.
Use the chat or send us an email at [email protected].

For Experts

Skillbreak is a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique and local learning experiences. As an expert you get the tools to showcase your workshops, manage your bookings, and get paid for your unique skills.
All with a skill, passion and desire to teach! Instructors, teachers, experts, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. We prefer if you are running classes, courses or workshops already, and have a suitable location for your activity. If not, let us know and perhaps we can help.
You can offer courses, classes and workshops in the areas of design, cooking, business, arts, crafts, music and life. As long as they fit into the Skillbreak concept: bite-sized, practical and unique learning experiences with a precise learning outcome. Right now we operate in Sweden’s large city areas and close surroundings, but we strive to make continuous learning a habit, all over the world.
Sure you can! We want to ensure the highest quality experience for our users, so we will approve all listings before they go live.
You can change your listing anytime as long as you don’t have any bookings yet. You can also add new dates in your expert admin account.
You can delete your workshop if you don’t have any paying participants yet. We ask you not to cancel a workshop with paying participants. In case you really need to cancel due to special circumstances, contact us. You will have to contact participants directly, but we will handle the reimbursement. A participant can cancel their booking five days prior, and in this case we will hold on to the service fee.
If there are few participants on your workshop, please do not cancel it. The word will spread, and eventually your workshops are full. Contact us and maybe we can find a creative way to fill your spots.
Listing your workshops on Skillbreak is free and there are no strings attached, but we do ask you to agree to our general Terms of Use. You can host as many or as few workshop you want. When a participant books a workshop, we charge a service fee (5% or less), to cover costs of running the platform and processing payments. We also charge providers a service fee (typically 10% or less). The amount of the this fee varies and is based on a percentage of the booking subtotal (before fees and taxes). The exact amount of the service fee can be viewed on your payout specification.
We will pay you for completed workshops (not more than 8 days) following the date of the workshop, after deduction of service fees.
Use the chat or send us an email at [email protected].