During a weekend course in blacksmithing, you learn the basics of forging and have the chance to immerse further if you have already taken a course. The course starts on Saturday morning with a review of the tools and protection equipment in the smithy and various safety aspects. You’ll have a theoretical analysis of the various forging tools: sprain, hand, pena, cleave etc. This is followed by an introduction of surface treatments. The rest of Saturday and all day Sunday is followed by practical work where you can forge simple objects as desired. Thomas, who holds the course aims to fill the weekend with as much practical work as possible and that everyone should have the opportunity to try out the various forging operations. He would like you to come with your own preferences about what you want to do but can obviously help with ideas.


Thomas Cederroth

Thomas Cederroth
Sedan 2017

To work as a blacksmith is to have insight and knowledge of shaping iron into what you want. It is an ancient art that have survived to our time and will live long. The desire to reshape and manufacture in iron have fascinated man since the beginning.

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Slupskjulsvägen 12, Stockholm, Sweden

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Bring comfortable clothing, work gloves, ear protection, safety glasses, pen and paper.

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Basics of forging and surface treatment - Review of tools and protection - Forge your own simple objects

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