Stop motion teknik

Stop motion teknik

In this playful workshop Staffan will teach you techniques for creating vivid and expressive animations. You will learn hands-on how to plan and execute a full animation sequence. We will focus on the essentials first, telling the whole story and caring for the progress and movement rather than getting lost in the details. We work with simple techniques; ipad, paper and clay and you’ll get clues on how to play with these techniques to get the most out of the session. Staffan will also give you a thorough rundown of the the tools and techniques used for professional animation; cameras, software and material. By the end of the day you will receive a home assignment; to create your own short animated sequence on your smartphone or tablet. Staffan will feedback on it to help you improve your skills.


Staffan Erlandsson

Staffan Erlandsson
Sedan 2017

Staffan has been working with all sorts of animation during the last 15 years, both short films, vignettes and motion graphics. Stop motion being his dearest passion; animation made by hand where you bring life to scenes and characters frame by frame. Together with his wife Anna he runs the studio Röda Roboten Animation, awarded for many of their animated movies for kids. Staffan also regularly runs courses in character animation for universities.

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Stop motion teknik
Stop motion teknik
Stop motion teknik
Stop motion teknik



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4 - 6 deltagare


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Svartmangatan 9, Stockholm, Sweden

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Building the story and understanding common terminology and concepts. - Planning and executing a full animation sequence; how to use timing and spacing to emphasize your expression. - Short rundown of techniques for professional animation: cameras, software and material.

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