Kreativt fotografi, heldag

Kreativt fotografi, heldag

What is it about certain images that makes them stand out? It's not the beauty of the object or the technical composition. Photography is creative work, and to master it you need to learn how to capture and convey an authentic feeling of a particular time and place. In this workshop Anna will lend you her eyes and teach you how to find that special atmosphere. After an introduction to composition, angles and lines you will get an outdoor assignment and have plenty of time to practice under Anna's guidance. Before wrapping up you’ll spend time talking about some of the images taken in order to learn from highlights and mishaps. You will also get an introduction to Photoshop basics - making good pictures even better. Bring your compact system camera.


Anna Lovehed

Anna Lovehed
Sedan 2017

Interior architect and adventure photographer Anna began her photographic journey with a fascination for human encounters with nature. Her passion for adventure has driven her to some of the most remote places on earth. Anna is a purposeful landscape photographer, diligently focusing on capturing the magic of the moment. “A great image is really a framed dream version of reality. Who says it has to look real? It should evoke emotions and a sense of curiosity to search for the hidden details.”

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Kreativt fotografi, heldag
Kreativt fotografi, heldag
Kreativt fotografi, heldag
Kreativt fotografi, heldag



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Hellasgården, Älta, Sweden

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You will receive a note with information about the meeting place and other details in advance of the workshop.

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Composition, angles, lines and golden ratio. - Communication of the image; energy, conflicts and points of interest. - Patterns in nature, capture an expression, creative collisions.

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