We believe in the power of lifelong learning and that growth happens in the connection between humans. That is why we say anyone can be an expert and that there's always something interesting to learn. So we built the tools to make it easy to showcase your skills and to try new things. And the way we do it is by empowering people to share their skills and encourage people to stay curious.

The team behind

It all started with a Skillbreak. The seed was planted when we met on a surf camp in southern Sweden, a cold spring day in 2014. It grew out of our own desire to explore, develop and learn new things and turned into a mission of making the most interesting experts and skills more readily available. We love learning together and believe it’s the most easy and fun way to learn new things.

Matilda Hannäs
- CEO -
Lina Johansson
- Design -
Lo Axhamre
- Tech -

Wanna join us?

We’re a small dedicated team of learning lovers always on the hunt for good people. Right now we’re looking for a sharp CTO/Lead Developer and a rock-star intern/community manager. If you share our ambition and would like to join our growing team, drop us a note at [email protected]