Make a pretty dreamcatcher tree
Hosted by Anna María Larsson

Duration: 2h 30m 10 participants Language: Swedish or English

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About the expert

I’m Anna María, a creative soul who is always eager to try out new DIY projects and learn new crafts. I’m schooled as an Art Director with a background in Graphic Design. Throughout my whole career I've had the need to work with my hands as a compliment to be in front of a screen 8+h/day and therefore I started to craft in my spare time. Earlier this year I quit my job and now I work as a freelancer, creating stuff, blogging and trying to make a living out of my passion. I blog about my creative projects at www.dnilva.se. I’ve participated in the creative TV show Superskaparna where I fought my way into the final two.

About the skillbreak

Dreamcatchers have been a popular part of the home decor for some time. In this workshop, you’ll learn to make your own wire dreamcatcher in shape of a tree. I will guide you through the process and teach you some tips and tricks of what to think about. We’ll make the dreamcatcher together step by step. It’s easy and fun. You can, of course, bring your creation home to dream sweet dreams.

Additional information

No prior skills are necessary. All materials and fika included.

About Dnilva

Dnilva is a creative studio and a DIY-blog, owned and operated by Anna María Larsson. Dnilva offers lectures, workshops, content creation and all sorts of handpicked collaborations. More on www.dnilva.se